I am trying to setup a Raspberry Pi to stream to Broadcastify using Darkice.

I have followed the setup process outlined on this website:

The issue I'm currently facing is that I cannot get the service to work.

In /etc/init.d/darkice1 I have:

#! /bin/sh
# /etc/init.d/darkice1 

# Provides:          darkice1
# Required-Start:    $all
# Required-Stop:     $remote_fs $syslog
# Default-Start:     2 3 4 5
# Default-Stop:      0 1 6
# Short-Description: Simple script to start a program at boot
# Description:       A simple script to start and stop darkice

# If you want a command to always run, put it here

# Carry out specific functions when asked to by the system
case "$1" in
    echo "START"    
    if [ ! -f /etc/darkice1.cfg ]; then
    echo "Configuration file /etc/darkice1.cfg not found! Darkice not started... "
    exit 1
    echo "Starting darkice Instance #1"
    echo "Stopping darkice Instance #1"
    pkill -f darkice1
    echo "Usage: /etc/init.d/darkice1 {start|stop}"
    exit 1

exit 0

When I run $ sudo service darkice1 start it doesn't seem like the service is actually starting... I'm not seeing any of the output in the command line. Am I just totally misunderstanding how services work?

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If you're running the Jessie version of the OS, the proper command should be:

sudo /etc/init.d/darkice1 start

The other code is deprecated in this version of Linux.


I use Raspbian Stretch and in its default repository I find darkice with:

rpi ~$ apt list *darkice*

So there is no need to follow outdated instructions. Simply install darkice and use it with:

rpi ~$ sudo apt update
rpi ~$ sudo apt full-upgrade
rpi ~$ sudo apt install darkice

Then you can start and stop it with:

rpi ~$ sudo systemctl stop darkice.service
rpi ~$ sudo systemctl start darkice.service

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