I cannot seem to get Lakka to output audio to the Speaker Jack.

Lakka sees two audio devices, but both look like the same thing, and neither gives me audio.

Lakka (community) Version: 2.0
Lakka:~ # aplay -L
Discard all samples (playback) or generate zero samples (capture)
bcm2835 ALSA, bcm2835 ALSA
Default Audio Device
bcm2835 ALSA, bcm2835 ALSA
Default Audio Device


Much like how you do it for Rasbian, the command:

amixer cset numid=3 1

Will force the audio out the speaker jack.

According to the Lakka documentation we are somewhat limited to how we can enter console commands, with SSH being the easiest.
In Lakka:

Information->Network Information (to get the IP Address)

On a connected PC: in Putty (or similar). Enter the ip address in the host text box. When prompted for username/pass enter root/root.

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