I have a project with a raspberry pi zero w, and his camera, and I want to have a video stream and with less delay as possible, and if possible, a stream which can be started with a bash script. Thanks for answering


if you're looking for an open source solution uv4l is not your friend.

Instead have a look at:

Modern way to stream H.264 from the Raspberry Cam

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I think you are lookking for uv4l

This program offer a built-in web server, allowing camera configuration, live stream with low latency and decent fps, low CPU consumption, and some extra features that may, or not, fit your specific needs.

I tried some other solution (ffmpeg, gstreamer), and I think that uv4l, being a userspace driver level, is the most performant tool for this. And it's easy to use :)

Look at the demos to see implementation samples

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