I'm kind of new to the Raspberry Pi world and I've been researching for tutorials and how to's all around the web for software and hardware regarding a small project (RC car/robot).

What I've gathered so far is the type of motors and model I need, Python code (I think), basic wiring knowledge but I need to know a couple of things like:

  • First of all, I read about using servoblaster to control multiple servos directly from the Pi itself, and;
  • For the external power source, I read that powering the board from a power bank (6 V) will require a UBEC 5 V 3 A.

I'm trying to make a list with what to buy - can someone verify/refer me to any additional information?

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You can use servoblaster to send servo pulses. There are alternatives like RPIO.GPIO (not RPi.GPIO) and my pigpio which are equally good.

A UBEC is a reasonable choice if you want to derive 5V from a battery pack. Typically a UBEC will convert a wide range of voltages (say 7V-26V) to 5V. If your battery pack is 6V check that it will be enough to work with the UBEC you choose.


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