I'm currently using pin 3 on my Raspberry pi to run one of my IR sensors. But I need to use 4 IR sensors for the purpose. Is it possible to connect all the 4 IR sensors to the same pin using a bread board and be able to differentiate among all the 4 IR sensors when I code for it. I'm making a Car with 4 IR sensors on all 4 sides, so as to detect any kind of obstacles and move without hitting any objects. Please help. Thanks a lot.

  • Please tell me if you're using analog or digital sensors? – Manav Jun 15 '17 at 13:35
  • It is a digital sensor. – Vijay Jindal Jun 15 '17 at 13:36

No, not connected to a simple digital input GPIO.

Two reasons:

  1. You can't differentiate between the sensors.
  2. Generally IR sensors actively set their outputs high or low. If a sensor raises an alarm its output will be overridden by the other sensors denying the alarm.

To use multiple sensors on the same GPIO they need to be part of a bus. Perhaps search for IR sensors which use the Dallas 1-wire bus or the I2C bus.

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Using digital sensors there is no way to differentiate between the 4 sensors on the same pin.

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