Hi guys i suriously tired to solve this problem i have a raspberry pi 3 model B i'm running the raspberry using putty and raspbian using vnc viewr i open the terminal window to creat a simple project "blink LED" using python when i put ***

$import RPI.GPIO as GPIO

*** the terminal show me this error enter image description here

so i try to import the GPIO package in putty by putting this code

$ sudo apt-get install python python-dev python-pip

so he working but finally he show me this error enter image description here

i think this problem because there is no network in raspberry pi, i have a network in my pc but i can't access with this network to my raspberry pi if there is a way to import those file offline and thaks a lot

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Capitalization matters. Try this:

import RPi.GPIO as GPIO

Note: the lowercase i in RPi

You also don't need to run Python with sudo as in your first screenshot. just python will work.

As for using apt, you will definitely need a network connection to install or update packages.

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