My RPi 3 model B SD card would not load after an attempt to upgrade today, which aborted part way through. I reinstalled a fresh system on a new card and all is well. I loaded the old card in a USB SD card adapter and plugged it into the Pi. The file manager shows it as the /media directory and lists all of the system files and directories. What I cannot find on it are the Python scripts I wrote. I expected them to be in a Pi directory but they are not. Does anyone know where I can find them. I have some day old backups, so it is not vital, and they are only simple scripts I used to learn the system, but I am curious as to where they are. Thanks. BTW, I used find files in the File Manager and it does not find them.

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Try this change to the media directory:

cd /media

then do a directory listing:


You should see a pi directory

change to the pi directory:

cd pi

and again do a directory listing


You should see two directories a boot directory and a directory made up of a long string of letters and numbers (this may also be called root).

Change to the non boot directory:

cd 7f59532.... 

Note: you can just do cd and the first few characters and hit tab

Do another directory listing:


You Should see a long list of directories including home

You can change to the pi directory with the following command:

cd /home/pi

You should now be in Pi's home directory on the old SD card.

  • Thanks. You pointed me in the right direction. I found them in /media/pi/root/home/pi
    – Glenn
    Jun 23, 2017 at 18:51

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