I would increase the raspberry performance, I found this tutorial, that hint to add in config.txt:

#force_turbo=1 #Voids Warranty! (uncomment to avoid CPU scaling down to 600Mhz)
#boot_delay=1 #helps to avoid sdcard corruption when force_turbo is enabled.
#sdram_freq=500 #uncomment to test. Works only with some boards.

I noticed that the core_freq missing in my config.txt the same for over_voltage.

I need to add this value or something is changed?

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You can add the core_freq and over_voltage option if they are not present (not all options are included by default).

You can read the latest on all of the overclocking options, and the full documentation for the config.txt file in the official Documentation.

It is well documented, but worth mentioning that some values and options can void your warranty.

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