Ubuntu 16.04 LTS fully upgraded on computer Raspbian Jessie Lite fully upgraded on Rpi 3

I can SSH no problem into the raspberry, configured it from raspi-config to enable vnc at boot.

I then tried to connect to it via tightvncviewer and got the following error:

Connected to RFB server, using protocol version 3.3 No configured security type is supported by 3.3 VNC Viewer

Using VNCviewer on android it connects but only a black screen shows.

I tried to manually launch vnc server form ssh but still no luck.

What should the next step to fix this be?

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    "configured it from raspi-config" i.e. RealVNC which is a non-standard proprietary implementation, then "tried to connect to it via tightvncviewer" which is incompatible. – Milliways Jun 29 '17 at 10:45

You have 2 options

  • Install tightvncserver on the Pi, or
  • Install RealVNCviewer on your computer.
  • ... where tightvncserver (or x11vnc or ...) is in Raspbian, and RealVNCviewer is NOT in the ubuntu distro. 3rd option, as mentioned in another post, is to disable encryption . . . – Roland Sep 8 at 16:54

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