Is there any Raspberry Pi version of sagemath? Or is it possible to port sagemath anyway to use it on Raspberry Pi? By the way, I have the Raspberry Pi 3B board with 32 bit Raspbian Jessie on it.

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The sage version 6.9 for 12.10 Ubuntu arm available through http://mirrors.mit.edu/sage/linux/arm/meta/sage-6.9-armv7l-Linux-Ubuntu_12.10.tar.gz.torrent works perfectly on Pi 3B board with 32 bit Raspbian Jessie desktop. Just extract that downloaded tar.gz file into RPI's home directory and give executable permission to the binary file "sage" by $ sudo chmod +x sage and then launch the program by $ ./sage in terminal and there it goes, a fully working sage interface.enter image description here

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The Raspbian Jessie repositories do not have a usable version of sagemath. The packages that look as if they might be seem to be ancient support packages from 2012, but the main system itself is missing.

While it does look technically possible to compile sagemath under Raspbian (given a couple of days + plenty of additional swap space), it doesn't look as if many people have tried it since Mathematica 10 became available.

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