I have being follow the steps from Amazon Officials pages to connect the Raspberry Pi to AWS IoT cloud, that's working fine but my main concern is to how to write a code to start interfacing with sensors? Like Digital Inputs and Outputs.

Do you know any resource that show you how to start to interface with AWS IoT in such a way to read inputs from the RPi? How to send commands to the make HIGH a led?

I think I may be very directly with my question but I wanna see if you know some methods to start to work with the AWS IoT cloud?


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Due to Raspbian support Python 2&3, you can check online documents about AWS SDK for Python to start your coding.
But for beginners, I suggest that before you start to approach the Amazon AWS, you should try on


and make a simple project like :

"turn the LED on/off"


"turn the LED on if the temperature is above 30 Celcius degrees" (which use Arduino UNO to support you)

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