I looked everywhere but i didn't found a good answer.

I'm looking for the specifications of my RaspberryiPi 3 B because i need to connect it with many sensors like LDR sensor or Distance sensor (Inputs) and with a L293D to controll motors (Outputs).

But i would know how much Voltage/Curent i can use in my Output/Input pins?

And there is 5V(2 pins) and 3.3V(2 pins) output pins in my RaspberryPi, how much curent does they deliver?

PS: I have a supply of 5V 2A.

  • Welcome to Raspberry Pi! Please take the tour and visit the helpcenter to see how things work here. Sorry but I am not going with "did not find a good answer" here, Milliways linked to two which address exactly what you ask.
    – Ghanima
    Jul 17, 2017 at 20:54

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There are many posts on these subjects, including on this site, many providing authoritative answers. Unfortunately there is no definitive documentation on some aspects. I have collated the following from many sources, and augmented with testing.

Electrical Specifications of GPIO

Raspberry Pi Power Limitations

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