I am attempting to set up an ad-hoc wireless mesh network with a few RPis as part of a project at University this summer. I have looked around at a number of ways of doing this, there doesn't seem to be a clear winner however I found batman-adv, and this post on reddit on how to set it up Batman-adv configuration. I have attempted to get this to work with a simple setup of 2x RPi Bs, one connected to the internet via ethernet, and the other not connected. Both pis have a wifi dongle that have previously connected to wifi networks successfully.

I followed the commands in the reddit post, all worked as planned until I got to testing the network was actually up and running. The command sudo batctl o returns nothing to stdout, thus I assume it cannot see the other pi. However a ping to the other pi does work. sudo ping As one of the pis has no internet connection I assume that there must be at least some sort of communication, unless the ping is not going where I think it is.

A ping to the MAC address however does not work sudo batctl ping b8:27:eb:7e:08:f0 i get destination host unreachable

Can anyone suggest something that I have missed? Is there some prerequisite that I have overlooked? I have followed the reddit post line by line nothing more nothing less.

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