Is it possible to run a Xcode project on a RPi?

I have a simple server written in objective c on Xcode that I'd like to put on a RPi but I haven't found any way to do it or even if it's possible.


No it is not possible to run Xcode on the raspberry Pi as Xcode is proprietary to apple products such as the MacBook and Mac Pro.

Even if you are able to compile your objective c code,you will be very limited with what you can do as attempting to test it on a phone or upload it to the App Store or even run an iOS emulator is impossible/unlawful without a mac.


You should be able to compile your Objective C code on Linux. You'll need to install the compiler yourself and then run it on your code. You can see here for instructions on how to install the compilers: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/11437361/how-to-objective-c-in-linux

The only way this would be a problem is if your Objective C code is intertwined with Mac-specific system libraries. Hopefully you didn't do that.


Yes it's possible. You can install Swish to build Swift projects remotely.

[1] Compile Swift for Raspberry Pi by XCode

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