• Raspbian Jessie Lite 4.9
  • Model B+
  • Edimax ew-7811un

I'm running an internet radio stream to the built-in audio interface using mpd/mpc. And audio plays just fine as long as the ethernet interface is connected. That ethernet interface is used for SSH via my MacBook's internet sharing - so eth0 has internet connection.

I also have wlan0 interface running (via Edimax ew-7811un) and that appears to work ok (I can ping and run apt-get update) by itself.

However, as soon as I disconnect the ethernet internet connection (either by unplugging the cable or disabling internet on my Mac), the mpd audio goes silent.


mpc stop
mpc play

...just shows that mpd thinks it's playing fine (time elapses correctly/no error message about not being able to find the stream).

Any ideas where to look? Does mpd/ALSA need to be told where to get audio?


As usual, writing out the question is enough of a push to figure out the answer myself...

For some reason in /etc/mpd.conf

bind_to_address "localhost"

...was set. I changed it to:

bind_to_address "any"

...and now mpd plays correctly via wlan0. Lovely.

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