I want to use python 3 with the many scientific updates (numpy, etc.) on my new Raspberry Pi 3 (with latest Raspian). I followed some excellent advice from:

Scientific Python for Raspberry Pi


Step 6: Install the scientific Python stack

Fortunately we can use apt-get to install all the massive, complex packages that make up the Python scientific stack without having to compile everything. This makes the process much, much faster.

sudo apt-get install python-numpy python-matplotlib python-mpltoolkits.basemap python-scipy python-sklearn python-statsmodels python-pandas

If you need a specific version of these packages or want a more up-to-date version than exists in the Debian repositories, you can use pip to install it, but be prepared for a slow compilation process.

That worked perfectly to upgrade python 2.7 but I want to use python 3.4 and upgrade that version.

Any ideas? Mike

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