We need 20 analog outputs with adjustable voltage (0-20 volts), frequency (0-150 Hz), as well as adjustable maximum current, and also the ability to measure current, frequency and voltage.

How can this be implemented using PI?

I know there is an analog zero module for Pi, but it will take up all the GPIO pins and give only 8 analog outputs. In addition, it is unclear whether he can do it all.

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    The question is too vague (no real performance criteria) and too broad. I think you need to do more research to identify likely solutions. – joan Aug 4 '17 at 11:16

From my knowledge there is no ready to buy solution.

I would recommend to use a I2C bus with the required converters connected to it.

  • D/A converters example LTC2309 is a 8-Channel, 12-Bit Digital to analog converter.
  • OP amplifiers to get the correct voltage span.
  • Current limiters.
  • To measure the properties of:

And in addition to above a lot of analog design.

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