There is this not-so-well-documented feature about shortening Pin 5 (GPIO3) to GND for booting a halted PI (see e.g. here) which is called wake-from-hold.

As it is possible to change almost everything about Pins being high/low or have a certain function with dt-blob.bin and dtoverlays (I use them both for other purposes) I can't find any documentation about changing that wake-from-hold-pin to another pin than GPIO3.

Background: I use dtoverlay=gpio-shutdown on GPIO34 and would wish to combine that with the wake-from-hold-functionality on the same GPIO.

My main ressources so far:

Do you have any hints on this?


  • Raspbian Jessie, 4.9.40-v7+ #1022 SMP Sun Jul 30 11:16:10 BST 2017 armv7l GNU/Linux
  • Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 with custom board

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