I have an Arduino-Raspberry Pi system, with many sensors attached, that I want to try to virtually test (without either physical device) on Travis CI. Are there any extant tools capable of simulating GPIO signals coming in and out of a virtual Arduino or Raspberry Pi?

For example, Raspberry Pi can be emulated using QEMU, but QEMU doesn't support GPIO, so I can't use it as-is.

  • Generally speaking , no, not without a custom GPIO driver. However, you can play tricks. The problem with GPIO are all the IOCTL calls to set/enable/disable certain channels, if you can wrap your GPIO library with a dummy library that just reads inputs from the next line in a file this would work . gcc support wrapping functions see: stackoverflow.com/questions/13961774/… which would make it a link time thing.
    – crasic
    Aug 8 '17 at 1:15

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