I want some help to set the best settings for getting a video at night of a moving car without blur (I need to see the plate) I'm using an external IR illuminator, so the plate is brights. I'm using an rpi3 with a raspicam v2 noir. I tried multiple configurations with more or less the same results.

sensor mode: 6 resolution: 640x480 framerate : 80 iso: 400 shutter: 330000

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You can reduce blur by reducing the exposure time. Try setting shorted shutter time, negative EV correction or using a special exposure mode optimized for shooting moving objects (usually called "kids" or "sports"). raspivid provides options for EV correction (e.g. -ev -20) and exposure (e.g. -ex sports) you could try.

Another option is to take still pictures out of (or instead of) your video, then use image-processing software capable of motion deblurring. In Linux, the two available alternatives I know are Unshake and Refocus.

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