I have a pre-W Pi Zero. I had it working as the wearable timelapse camera (Adafruit project). At this point I'm just trying to get into it via USB. I'm also trying to do this on a defective Raspberry Pi Zero W in which the wi-fi doesn't work--not too worried about this but it would be great if that's its only problem and I can use it as if it were a non-W Pi Zero.

  1. I start with SDFormatter

  2. Then I put on 2017-04-10-raspbian-jessie-lite

  3. I added the ssh file

  4. I added "dtoverlay=dwc2" to the last line of config.txt

  5. I added "modules-load=dwc2,g-ether" after "rootwait" in cmdline.txt

    a) first I did this with wordpad in a windows 10 environment. It didn't work.

    b) I thought this (wordpad) might have been my error so I started over and made the above changes using a USB keyboard/HDMI/power and it still didn't work on USB after rebooting.

  6. I did check, I do have bonjour on my laptop.

That's where I'm stuck. I'm just not able to ping it or putty into raspberrypi.local.

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I found a post that I could copy/paste into cmdline.txt using wordpad. That worked for both pi zero's. I was able to update/upgrade through my laptop's internet.

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