I'm trying to control DC motors with L298N motor driver. I'm using Raspberry Pi 3B and java GUI called Processing. I can't find PWM libraries for software control or use hardware PWM because I need two PWM pins but Raspberry Pi has only one.

Any suggestions for libraries... or anything else?


The Pi has two hardware PWM channels.

Channel 0 may be fed to GPIO 12 and/or 18.

Channel 1 may be fed to GPIO 13 and/or 19.

GPIO 12/13/18/19 are brought out to all Pis with the 40-pin expansion header.

My pigpio library supports use of the hardware PWM pins as well as providing hardware timed PWM on all the GPIO (equally suitable for motor speed control).

I have no idea how easy it would be to integrate pigpio into your environment.

You mention Java. There is a Java library called Pi4J which might be suitable.

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