I have a remote controlled light and a remote controlled fan. I want to automatically turn on the fan and light when a human comes into the room and turn off when a human leaves the room.

I need to know the distance of the passing object because I would have to come up with a logic to know whether the passing object is a human or just the door closing.

I see various sensors such as proximity sensors, infrared sensors, lasers but I'm not sure what to use.

Lastly, I would need IR receivers and emitters to record my remote control. I want to connect these sensors to my raspberry pi.

So what sensors should I use? And will I be able to plug these sensors to my raspberry PI (any need to get additional board such as arduino)?

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I don't think you want a setup reacting instantly on entering/leaving a person (imagine someone sitting calmly for while)

So a pir sensor which triggers with a hysteresis of minutes (like a staircase light) should suffice.

I'd suggest an USB-IR-transceiver controlled with LIRC for lights and fan.

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