I've got this double array microphone, that i got with my audio-card (for my gaming rig), and i want to use it with my pi-3 to create some kind of voice tracker. Voice Tracker

Does the audiojack on the pi-3 support array mic setups? If so, is there a library for it, or how would i go about separating the 2 microphones?

(To clarify, the microphone array has 2 mics connected through one standard audiojack connector. Aka I need to be able to separate the 2 microphones from one another in order to be able to use them for triangulating sound sources.)


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The 3.5 mm audio jack in the Pi is sound output, and not for input. If you need audio input, you need to acquire some kind of sound card. There are a lot to choose from, using GPIO, I2S or USB to communicate with the Pi.

As for directional recording, as far as I can tell, the beam forming microphone is basically two omni-directional microphones next to each other. That is not dissimilar to a stereo microphone, and I expect you will find that one is in the left, and the other is in the right channel. http://support.creative.com/kb/ShowArticle.aspx?sid=107797

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