I want to connect a Pi 2 to a my laptop's display. I have already tried to connect using PuTTy. But I can't get the IP address of the Pi.

How do I find the IP address?


Steps to connect:

  1. Connect your Raspberry Pi to the same WiFi as your computer.
  2. Open Raspberry Pi preferences


  1. Enable SSH (don't worry about serial)

Enable SSH

  1. Open up a terminal and type hostname -I
  2. Log into your Pi from your laptop with the default username 'pi' and password 'raspberry'

Putty config

More information can be found on the official documentation.


What operating system is your laptop running ? How are you connecting your Pi to the laptop ?

I connect to my Pi's on my local network via wifi and use an app called LanScan on my Apple MacBook to discover their ip addresses. If you have a screen and keyboard attached to your Pi you can type 'ifconfig' in a terminal window to find the ipaddress.

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