I run this code on Python 3 but it gives an error on echo 0, and echo 1.

Can any one can correct this?

#go to starting possition
echo 0=60 > /dev/servoblaster
sleep 1
echo 1=135 > /dev/servoblaster
sleep 1
raspistill -o step1.jpg

echo 0=240 > /dev/servoblaster
sleep 1
raspistill -o step2.jpg

echo 0=130 > /dev/servoblaster
sleep 1
raspistill -o step3.jpg

echo 0=60 > /dev/servoblaster
sleep 1
echo 1=60 > /dev/servoblaster
sleep 1
raspistill -o step4.jpg

echo 1=140 > /dev/servoblaster
sleep 1
raspistill -o step5.jpg

echo 1=220 > /dev/servoblaster
sleep 1
raspistill -o step6.jpg

echo 1=135 > /dev/servoblaster
sleep 1
raspistill -o step7.jpg
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    Could you cut&paste the text you enter and the error response? – joan Aug 17 '17 at 13:12

This is not python, it's a bash script.

I am not sure what the file's name is, but on the command line you should run:

sudo chmod +x FILENAME
sudo sh FILENAME

And that should run it...

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  • Why to run the script with sudo? – Ingo Jan 28 at 9:05
  • You need to run it as an admin. If it works without it great, but my go-to on RaspPi's is to use sudo – Quintin Balsdon Jan 28 at 11:35

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