I'm creating an employees' attendance management system using Face recognition on RPi (2 or 3). I use Python face_recognition library for face detecting and recognition. I currently think of two ways to create the system:

  1. Using face_recognition and flask to make a web service and then, create a client using web technology with electron or nwjs, show the camera stream using WebRTC and communicate with that service.
  2. Using OpenCV to show the camera stream and then if an employee shows their face in front of the camera for about 10 sec, it will automatically check their attendance.

Actually, I kind of prefer method 2. But I wonder if running and showing an infinite camera stream on RPi using OpenCV could affect the performance?

Have any ideas ? Thank you in advance!

  • gazing for 10 sec onto cam can't be good solution ( human eng wise ). – Guy . D Aug 21 '17 at 5:04

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