I have a Raspberry with an Apache server for accessing to a list of videos, these videos are stored on a flash USB.

So I tried to do a symlink between the USB /home/pi/media/videos/ to /var/www/html/webpage/ to get the access but I had no success.

The symlinked directory does not show, Apache only shows the symlinks created with directories stored on the raspberry.

I already configured the FollowSymlinks and Indexes on apache2.conf that does not work.

I tried to make a udev rule to make persistent USB names for USB serial devices neither worked.

I also tried setting the right permissions to the directories in the USB and the /var/www/html, and also I gave permissions to the parents directories. This didn't work.

Could someone help me please?


Can user running apache (typycally www-data) access /home/pi or /home/pi/media?

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