I installed OSMC on my Raspberry Pi as a home media center. However whenever I boot up my Raspberry Pi, it will turn my TV on automatically.

Is there a way to disable this behaviour through some configuration?

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Assuming you're using an HDMI connection, the power on signal is probably sent using CEC, which is a feature of HDMI.

To disable CEC in OSMC, you'll need to SSH into your Pi, then open /boot/config.txt. Here's how to do it with the nano editor:

sudo nano /boot/config.txt

Then, add the following line (or, if the hdmi_ignore_cec is present and set to 0, set it to 1):


Note that you'll lose all power on ability from the Pi by doing this. Once you've set that, press Ctrl + O to save and Ctrl + X to exit.

Reboot your Pi, and test if the issue is resolved. If not, it's likely to be a setting on your TV which switches it on when an input changes. Consult your TV documentation if that's the case.

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