I just bought a Rpi3 and a Kuman 3.5" screen to make a minimal computer. I also have a PN532 to do NFC.

My configuration:
- Kuman 3.5 screen is connected to SPI0.0, touchscreen to SPI0.1;
- I need on-board Bluetooth for my PS3 keyboard, I paid for it :)

The problems with Electrohouse V2.0 PN532 are:
- The chip won't works with SPI1.0 (error libnfc.driver.pn532_spi Unable to wait for SPI data. (RX));
- UART is used by Bluetooth;
- And I want to keep i2c for something else.

How can I do?

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After two days of reading and testing I found how to do it.

Three lines are needed to the /boot/config.txt to make it works.

#Switch Bluetooth from UART0 to UART1.
#UART1 clock is derived from system clock, so we need to fix core clock to avoid changing baudrate on bluetooth.
#Set UART0 clock to normal as Rpi3 normally boot at 400Mhz (now 250Mhz) UART0 clock would biased else.

So let sum up:
- On-board Bluetooth works flawlessly with my PS3 BT Keyboard;
- Screen and touchscreen still works, hopefully;
- PN532 works like a charm using UART0 (Pin 8 & 10)


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