i want to control a 3v relay with raspberry pi zero. L293D and 3v relay I'm using this tutorial: https://business.tutsplus.com/tutorials/controlling-dc-motors-using-python-with-a-raspberry-pi--cms-20051 My question; different power sources using in this tutorial, a battery pack using for power the motor. I have a single 5v 600 mA adapter. I want to use this adapter for raspberry pi and relay. Is that works?


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It works but i can't connect relay directly gpio. I have used l293d to control relay and i can connect relay directly l293d. You can use same power adapter for raspberry pi and relay without any problem. Additionally you can use this article to control relays: http://www.reuk.co.uk/wordpress/raspberry-pi/simple-raspberry-pi-relay-control-over-the-internet/

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