We are currently working on a project with a Raspberry Pi 3 B that will run Android Things NIH40K, 0.4.1-devpreview, Jun 15, 2017. As it runs AT I would like to connect two separate displays, one touch screen-module so user can interact via calculator app (making calculations) and one display-module that shows the outcome of the calculation.

We would like to know what technical (hardware and/or software) requirements we need to keep in mind and if it is possible (and how we can) to support the hardware within this setup?


I've seen some guys using one called Kedei 3.5" . You gonna need to do some ajustments as per their arcticle:


Due the lack of providers in my country, I've bought one called MPI3508 3.5". I'm just starting the tests and I hope to make it run, if it works I come up here again to add this one to the list.

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