Sorry in advance if this is not the right community for this question.

I'm going to write a lot of small files (few bytes each) on my sd card on a daily basis. I was wondering if this will have a bad impact on the lifespan of the card compared to 'normal' use (fewer, bigger files and overall bigger size than a bunch of small files).

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The size of the files that you write to your SD card shouldn't have much (if any) of an impact on the SD card's lifespan.

How many files is a lot? Depending on what you're doing, you may find external storage works better from a performance standpoint, but SD cards are far more hardy than they're usually given credit for.


The main constrain is if you write to the same location of the SD card. And as I understand you question, you arn't writing to the same file and changing the content of the file, but creating many files++++ then it wouldn't be a problem.

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