Rpi 1 Model A here. I would like to use a Raspbian image in my first pi project, and want to configure it to run an executable Java app (jar file) at startup.

According to this article I might be able to configure this Java app as a systemd startup service, however I wasn't sure if systemd was a possible option for Stretch Lite or not. Is it? If not, what's the recommended startup service/method for Raspbian Stretch/Lite?

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Yes, the Lite version of Raspbain 9 "Stretch" uses systemd just like 8 "Jessie". Also I highly recomend using systemd over other options.

  • Systemd at least makes handling services much easier, especially when you want to add your own services (service units). Instead of having to write extensive start/stop scripts, not down a few lines of declarations in a service unit file, and the job is done. Need automatic restarts? Just a single definition.
    – TheDiveO
    Commented Sep 6, 2017 at 19:40

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