I want to create a tensorflow based detection system in an IOT setup. Will it perform better if I run it on Android Things or Raspbian? I expect to be using Full Yolo or tiny Yolo running on tensorflow. I am using Raspberry Pi 3.

Also please suggest any other OS if it is better than these two.

  • On Android Things you'd be limited to TensorFlow lite/mobile (unclear on the distinction), I'm not sure if this limitation would be the same on Raspbian, which could hypothetically run the full version. Depends whether this is a pro or con in your eyes.
    – Luke Moll
    Jan 30, 2018 at 17:01

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I know this is a relatively old question (1 year) but I came across a similar issue so here is what I did.

Will it perform better if I run it on Android Things or Raspbian?

I would go for Raspbian, since this is officially supported by Tensorflow.

Note: Raspberry Pi device must be running Raspbian 9.0 or higher

Make sure you have Python 2.7 or Python3.4+ installed on your system, as well as pip or pip3. If not, you can follow the instructions to install Python here, and pip here.

You can follow the TensorFlow docs for a proper installation.

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