I have tried the instructions at Ubuntu Wiki, especially the ones under

Booting the official Pi 2 image on the Pi 3

I downloaded both pre-installed server versions armhf+raspi2 and armhf+raspi3. I made the changes to config.txt in the boot-loader partition and copied the files over from /lib/firmware/4.4.0-1065-raspi2/device-tree to the system-boot partition.

When I try to boot, a static colorful screen is shown and nothing else happens, no matter how much I wait.

I've been reading around that there are problems with the distribution of Ubuntu server on Raspberry Pi even from the the Pi2 days.

Has anyone managed to install Ubuntu Server on the Raspberry Pi with today's information and links?

  • Have you tried Ubuntu Mate as a headless server? Remembering not to update by CLI though. May 11, 2018 at 16:56

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I have not tried to use raspi2 image, but know some pitfalls about raspi3 image:

  1. dd raspi3 image to MicroSD
  2. boot (DO NOT reboot before apt upgrade complete)
  3. apt update, apt upgrade
  4. reboot
  5. :-)

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