So I use my zero w as a security camera, and lately it is streaming much slower. I rebooted but nothing changed. The only thing I see is lots of retries in wavemon and /proc/net/wireless. Any ideas?

wavemon stats: link quality 64% signal level -64dBm mac retries: multiple per second.

│mode: Managed, access point: BC:64:4B:38:F6:C1
│freq: 2.457 GHz, channel: 10, bitrate: 19.5 Mbit/s
│power mgt: on, tx-power: 31 dBm (1258.93 mW)
│retry: short limit 7, rts/cts: off, frag: off
│encryption: n/a (requires CAP_NET_ADMIN permissions)

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So I got it working better by disabling power mgt, and chaning tx-power to be a bit lower at 25 dBm.

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