I'm having problems finding information on the codes for compile and build using Geany / GCC.

My compile command is: gcc -Wall -c "%f" `pkg-config --cflags gtk+-3.0 Compile is OK, although I really don't know what "%f" means

My build command is: gcc -Wall -o "f" "%e" `pkg-config --libs gtk+-3.0 Build fails with error: Process failed (Failed to change to directory '*' (No such file or directory) This begs the question of what "%e" is. Where is the directory called out in these lines? If the compile is ok, it found the correct directory. What is causing the build to fail for changing directory?

BTW: The file I'm trying to run is just a console app....Hello World

  'GCC -g HelloWorld.c -o HelloWorld '    in terminal works fine
   I just can't seem to figure how to use the Compile and Build 
           under 'Set Build Commands'

One other.....I type MAN GCC Response is: 'No manual entry for gcc'

Sorry for long question(s). I don't know how to search for answers of the "%e" and "%f" questions. The Geany manual doesn't show it. I can't find a manual for GCC


I am trying to run the same app as you for the same reasons (trying to learn C/C++ and GTK+) but not having a lot of success.

I don't have a complete answer for you, but perhaps just a push in the right direction. You can read about the various "%" flags here: https://wiki.geany.org/howtos/configurebuildmenu

it states: Within the command and working directory entries the following character strings are substituted when the command is run.

%f - replaced by the filename of the file selected in the editor when the menu item is selected.

%e - replaced by the same filename but without the last extension.

%d - replaced by the absolute path of the directory of the file selected in the editor when the menu item is selected.

%p - replaced by the absolute path of the base directory of the currently open project.

More than one substitution can be made so for instance %d\%e.exe would be used for the absolute filename of an executable on a windows system.

Regards, Jeff (the BigGreenOne)


this link helped me - I'm looking now for the include files place


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