I was checking if there were any updates for my raspberry, so I ran:
sudo apt-get upgrade

There are quite a lot of packages, I installed everything, but when my Raspberry starts to setting up the rsyslog package it hangs up.
I waited for more than 10 minuted, then I killed the process.
I tried again, getting the same result.

Any ideas about that?

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Same thing happened to me--then I remembered RaspBMC highly recommends against using sudo apt-get upgrade. Which I assume was also a contributing factor to my install becoming trashed beyond recovery when RaspBMC tried to install updates. I had to do a clean install to get things behaving properly again.

Update 5/14/13:

The May 2013 update is supposed to fix the issues surrounding apt-get upgrade. I haven't tested it, but supposedly starting with this version of RaspBMC it will be possible to use apt-get upgrade without breaking anything

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