I have noticed that I cannot possibly play back a 1080p video from XBMC while something else is going on, e.g. a Samba transfer.

Is there a simple way to set up my Raspberry Pi server (or just XBMC) to prioritize I/O for video playback or generally everything XBMC?

I read about ionice, but it seems like a makeshift temporary solution.

I'm using systemd, so integrating the solution would be a nice plus.


You may be interested in IOSchedulingPriority and to some extend IOSchedulingClass and Nice systemd parameters. First one sets ionice priority for your service (0 is the highest, 7 is the lowest), second sets scheduling class -you can choose from none, realtime, best-effort or idle (realtime may be interesting for you if you want to elevate the priority). Nice parameter just sets process nice level but it may also be helpful.

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  • It works, a bit, but doesn't cut it on an rPi. The USB controller is just too slow :-( – rubenvb Jan 27 '14 at 20:28

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