RaspberryPi2 with official RP 7" screen.

Formatted 16GB MicroSD using SDFormatterv4.zip = success
Installed Raspian Jesse using NOOBS v1_7_0.zip = success

Powered on & Appears to be a clean boot to Pi screen Opened terminal window - typed startx

typing startx but it is throwing errors:

X: user not authorized to run the X server, aborting.

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Download the latest Raspbian Stretch with Desktop (currently 2017-09-07) :


Flash to sd card using Etcher (on Mac,PC,Linux) :


Note : sd card does not need formatting, nor the image file unzipping with this process

Place sd card into Pi and boot


I've found this, although it's for ubuntu, debian and derivates... but might work. Try configure X for every one:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure x11-common

and then choose "anyone".


You need to run it using root.

   sudo startx

Sudo startx takes me to the default desktop with root powers. This is not the right way to start the GUI!

For a while startx was not working on mi pi3. I had to change raspi-config to boot to desktop with password prompt. It was the only way to access the GUI. For whatever reason, startx now works. I made no changes other than configuring to boot to console (startx still wasn't working) and back to GUI and back to console (and now it works). I pulled my hair out for nothing.

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