I have been working with my RasPI 3 (using Jessie) for a little while on a project that I am SO CLOSE to finishing. Right now the main problem I am having is that I cannot keep the frigging screen from blacking out. I've managed to get the settings to work in the command line. But when I have made a script, it doesn't work (the script runs, but the power settings don't change).

A bit of background the project is using a 3.5" TFT screen so there is one odd command in there that I need (I'm guessing, I'm really at the point where I am plugging random code in and seeing what works). Anyway, if I go into the console and type these commands individually my screen stays on

export DISPLAY=:0
xset s noblank
xset s off
xset -dpms

I have put this in a startup script called startup.sh which I can run with a bash command. But my problem is that I have tried to have this bash script run at bootup following the instructions set out here but it doesn't the screen starts going blank again. I know the command is running because I have the startup script playing a sound and booting a browser into kiosk mode, but the power settings don't change.

What that stackexchange post says is to edit ~/.config/lxsession/LXDE-

pi/autostart and add
@bash /path/to/scriptname

on a side note if a command works in the console, are you supposed to put the "@" symbol in the script or just put it in the script the way you type it in the console?

i.e. if this command works in the console

xset s noblank

Should I have it appear in the script as

@xset s noblank


xset s noblank


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I figured this out. I had to get the script to sleep for a few seconds. I guess something was conflicting in the boot sequence. Once I let it boot up, wait for a bit of time and then run the script it worked.

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