I need to send live video frames from my Raspberry Pi with a PiCamera (or USB Camera is fine too) to my Computer. From my computer, I will use the frames for Image Processing and Computer Vision using OpenCV. How can I send the video frames to my computer?

I have tried to stream the video to a Webserver and access it from my computer; however, I am unable to retrieve the image from the webserver to the computer to do image processing on it. What are some solutions? Can I send the frame bytes through a socket server?

I have Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 running Raspbian Stretch. I would like to have the program run in Python 3.



You can use UV4L to stream your webcam (official Camera or USB) to your computer and have openCV to process them in Javascript. A simple example how of to do that to do face decetion on the stream can be found here.

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