I'm trying to connect my rasberry pi through ethernet. I'm using debian 8.9.0.

When i typ the command: ssh -l pi

I get the following error ssh: connect to host port 22: No route to host.

I'm very new to rasberry so i'm not sure what i am doing wrong.

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If you are running headless:

  1. Make sure that is the IP address for your Raspberry pi, can you ping

  2. Have you created a file called "ssh" without extension in /boot of the SD-Card?

If you have a screen and keyboard connected

sudo raspi-config

and choose advanced->enable ssh


In my case, I use a mobile stick for internet access and local router too. I played the router settings and setted some option, which need to ssh for me.

  • separate AP [on] <- wrong setting in my case

And a many long months later I try ssh connect to my raspberry, but it exited with No route to host message. I find firewall settings, and sshd config, but everything looked good. After that I remember to the router settings, and try out revert some setting, and one of that works:

  • separate AP [off] <- good setting in my case

I am not sure what is this setting doing, but I am sure, without this cannot connet via ssh or VNC to raspberry. The strange thing that rpi has internet access and works well, therefore, it has not been revealed before.

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