In simple, I just want to build some thing like :

CC TV with small monitor and small camera (the smaller the both, the better). . For example, I need it to connect a camera so I can watch real time caption. The camera is not some thing predefined, it can be cellphone camera as well.

I just was wondering, how can I only salvage this 2 parts from a broken mobile, functioning like CCTV camera and monitor. The next phase, could be adding WiFi modules to both camera and screen.


Please consider it's almost impossible to use a random screen with your rpi ...

If you are extremely lucky, you will be able to find your screen reference on this github wiki. In other cases, you will need to write or adapt by yourself the driver for your specific screen, wich is an hard task for an expert.

Be kind with yourself, buy a 3.5" touchscreen compatible with the pi, you will save a lot of time and loose only 15-30$ !

Note : idem about the camera. Most of the USB cameras are compatible with the rpi, first price are around 5$ ! If you want to keep it small, the rpiCam is also really wonderful ! (around 30$)

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