I was curious as to if anyone has used the RPi3 for real-time image processing? If so, was there any computational delay while doing it real-time?

I am planning to use an external GPU to train a CNN that can classify weeds and crops. I want to make sure the RPi3 can handle image processing features like segmentation and be able to classify the weed and crops in real-time using pixel-wise classification(might require a CNN).


It depends on several factors:

  • Required accuracy of the classifier
  • Size of the input images
  • Number of image classes
  • Real-time requirements (how much time can the classifier take to do the job)

Given that, I managed to run a very simple classifier based on TensorFlow and a custom MobileNet model retrained in order to recognize two classes of images: apples from kiwis, given images of 160x120 pixels; you can see a demo in this video to get an idea:

Apple or Kiwi?


It depends on the size of each image and the structure of the CNN itself. However, I think that the RPi isn't powerful enough to get decent results in reasonable time.

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