I'm trying to use a Raspberry Pi header. I've soldered the pins on the header and connected the board to the Raspberry Pi 3 model B.

I've followed the steps, as described here, to configure the Raspberry (enable i2c and 1-wire) and install the required tools (i2c-tools).

When running i2cdetect -l it displays the following: i2c-1 i2c bcm283 I2C adapter I2C adapter.

When running i2cdetect -y 1 it displays all connections as '--'.

I've found out that when running i2detect -y 1 23 119 (where 23 is the start and 119 is the end of the probing range), it will indeed display '18' on row '10' column '8' as expected. If I use a lower, or no start number at all, it will not display the 18.

What could be the problem here?

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I had to add the J1 jumper to the Raspberry Pi header to overcome this issue. Works now!

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