I have inserted my SD card and all that stuff but when I insert the HDMI into the computer it does not seem to load up, how can I make it loadup with my computer? Do I need Ethernet or something like that?

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    The HDMI port on your computer is an output not an input. If you only want commandline you can use SSH if you want a graphical desktop use VNC – Steve Robillard Oct 23 '17 at 17:02

I've tried tethering my HDMI cable to my MacBook but then discovered that a standard MacBook Pro does not have a video-input- so I resolved by connecting my LCD TV to my Raspberry Pi via HDMI.

You could also create a VPN with VNC connect- fairly simple.

If you discover a solution to connect your MacBook to your Raspberry Pi, please comment- because I would also like to know. Hope that helps!


The easiest answer is connect your Pi HDMI output to the HDMI port on a standard display or TV. The HDMI port on Apple computers is output ONLY.


If you have an external display (i.e. a TV with an HDMI port or a desktop monitor) you can simply use that to get started. However, if you don't have that, you can follow this guide which should get you started. The linked page walks you through using a laptop screen as a display for your Pi. Luckily, all you need is an Ethernet cable!

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