Is there a away to install pre-defined plugins with the Raspbian version of Chromium?

I have been looking at editing and the image creator tool to include chromium with metamask by editing Stage 3.

Chromium is installed at stage 3. which results in

apt-get chromium-browser rpi-chromium-mods

Is there a way to edit this command in such a way that the Metamask plugin is installed with chromium?

Note I can get Metamask to install with Chromium ok if I manually install it, but installing from command line would save time.

Other note - I am intending to fork a fork of the image creator - Diego Losada's Raspbian image creator

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There is not a package in the repositories that will install a Chrome extension manually.

But this is easy to do - just copy over ~.config/chromium. Here's how:

  1. Create your chromium "master copy". In other words, launch chromium and make all necessary modifications, such as install an extension.

  2. Chromium saves all of its configuration (and extensions) to /home/pi/.config/chromium. So to make a fresh Raspbian image to ship with those chromium mods pre-installed, just copy /home/pi/.config/chromium to the completed Raspbian image.

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