I am a new Raspberry Pi 3 user. The system was exceptionally straight forward to initialize, including initial connection to WiFi and getting access to internet. However, when the connection drops occasionally, and I click the connection icon to re-initialize, the system requires I re-enter the PSK each time.

Is there a setting on this system (using NOOBS OS distribution) to remember the PSK when attempting to re-connect to WiFi?

I did browse the Raspberry -> Preferences -> Raspberry Pi Configuration pages, but with no success at finding anything on this topic.

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I found a fairly clear, and easy to follow answer to my question here.

Essentially, get the values for for ESSID using the command: iwlist wlan0 scan in a shell. Then, using the information there, verify or edit the /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf file to contain the following:


This is just a summary. I suggest reading the page link above to get full details.

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